if you’re going

 if you're going

Apologies for being slow to pick up the momentum on this blog – I’ve been catching up with creating for events in my store – I’ve been keeping it in mind, though and thinking about how to find new styles. It’s quite a learning curve at the moment and differs from my usual oh-that’s-cute-I’ll-just-blog-that attitude. While I’m still finding things I love, of course, I’m really having to think about the shape and fit of them and what avatar to put them on that might be a little more unusual. It’s a really enjoyable process, though, and I hope you’re enjoying the results, too.

I’ve mentioned at my previous blog how much Zibska‘s creations inspire me, so it was only a matter of time before I was going to revisit them here! I spotted this jewellery set (the pack also includes earrings and rings not pictured) late last night and knew at once I needed to try it on my male doll avatar then found the hair, too. Each has lots of colour options and I’m so happy with the how they look on!

I really love these leggings by NINFANIUM, too – the textures are so well done; I’m looking forward to trying the other colours out! I had a quick look around the rest of the store and I’m impressed with the range on offer – I’ll definitely be returning!

Thanks for reading! Click through for full credits.


Necklace: ‘Pratoline‘ – ZibskaL$300 – multiple colour options
– also includes earrings and rings
Pants: ‘Wooly Leggings (Ashes)‘ – NINFANIUML$175 – 5 colour options*
Hair: ‘Salacia‘ – ZibskaL$200 – 20 colour options
Head: ‘Male Doll Head 002C‘ – COCOL$350
Body: ‘Male Doll‘ – COCOL$350
Pose: ‘Oops 4‘ – LalocheziaL$25

[*It’s difficult to find mesh made for standard avatars that will fit the doll body and, in the interests of full disclosure, these leggings don’t, quite, as I have to un-wear the doll legs which creates a gap between the ankles and feet. Please note this is in no way a criticism.. these are not at all designed to be worn with this avatar but when I demoed them I absolutely loved the way they sat on the hips and already knew I wouldn’t be taking a full-body shot. I mention it only to draw attention to the importance of demoing items for your own avatar and needs – there are so many different avatar styles and shapes now it would be very unfair to expect mesh items to fit them all.]

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