not your boy

 not your boy

I made it out of the studio o/

My continuing quest for unisex clothing has led me to some lovely work by COCO and Apple May Designs. Each item is available in male and female versions and the quality is just amazing. The hand-in-pockets design of the jacket really gives life to the mesh and, by pulling it away from the body slightly, makes it a lot less boob-focused than much other, standard-sized, mesh. It’s also really lovely to see such well designed baggy jeans, and for only L$100, too! I absolutely love how they sit on my hips and I have a feeling it won’t be too long before I snap up the other colours.

I have treated myself to a new skin, too – this is the gorgeous ‘Bryn’ by Flamboyant who make skins for “beautiful, stylish and sexy adult effeminate male, femboys, girlish bois, traps, and trans-gender avatars.” The options you get for your L$800 are really impressive and make it incredibly versatile; certainly I’ve also found it perfect for a ‘tomboy’/FTM/androgynous look. I think I’m going to be wearing ‘Bryn’ a lot so there should be some close-ups soon – in the meantime you can always take a look at the Marketplace listing for lots of details and pics.

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to the fabulous Honour McMillan, whose blog I read with much pleasure – she always posts about the most incredible places and it’s thanks to her that I found this sim when I was pondering where to take my pic.

Full credits after the jump.


Top: ‘Bomber Jacket (Sage Green) w/Hoodie‘ – COCOL$350
– also includes no-hoodie and cropped hoodie versions. Male-fit version also available.
Pants: ‘Worn Denim Jeans (Classic)‘ – Apple May DesignsL$100
– male-fit version also available.
Shoes: ‘Skateshoes‘ – DucknippleL$195 – unisex, colour-change laces
Hair: ‘Serious (Brown)‘ – InkL$200 – 2-colour pack with hairbases
– find it at The Mens Dept until Feb 28th.
Skin: ‘Sweets Juicy Fruit: Bryn (Lite)‘ – FlamboyantL$800
– includes 2 body types, appliers and lots of make-up options.
Freckles: ‘Freckle Face (Sunned)‘ – GlamorizeL$5 – 4-version pack
Eyes: ‘Luminous (London Fog)‘ – MayflyL$0 – Free colour
Lashes: ‘C01 Natural‘ – FTLL$280 – multi-version pack
Shape: a modded version of an old Panda Punx group gift

Pose: ‘But You’re Still the Same‘ by Calliope Ahren (not currently available)
Location: ‘Square pegs in round holes‘ – discovered thanks to Honour McMillan’s fab blog!


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