Welcome to Dreaming of Hoopoes – a blog about virtual worlds and real feelings.

I’ve been blogging my favourite finds from Second Life® since April 2012 – on my first blog, Cheep & ChiChi and then, briefly, at Fashion Agender (a project I hope to return to one day.)

At the moment I am quite busy developing my own little store, by Chiana Oh, where I sell art, decor & furniture. This is taking up a lot of my time as I’m gradually learning to create original mesh and looking for a way to bring some of my design work into real life, too. As a result, my blogging has taken a back seat and I can no longer commit to regular posts.

I really wanted a place to continue sharing the things I love, though, and so I created this blog as a place where I can be free to write about anything that takes my fancy. The focus will still primarily be Second Life® topics – virtual fashion, decor, and fantastic places to visit, but I’m leaving myself room to wander off-topic from time to time, too. I’ve imported some of my favourite posts from my previous blogs as a starting place; I may not be able to promise to blog frequently but I can promise you that the posts I do write will be concern things I feel passionately about.

If you’re wondering about the blog title – when I was little I was apparently completely fascinated by the picture of a hoopoe in one of the bird books we had (I’ve still yet to see one in real life!); it completely absorbed my attention. When I was trying to think of a name for this blog that wouldn’t already be taken, I suddenly remembered this and it seemed apt for a blog all about what’s currently occupying my mind 🙂

Thank you for stopping by – I appreciate every visit and hope you find something of interest!

Chia ❤

(Chiana0 Resident)


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